A song for a memory

Listening to old songs bring back great memories.  Every song marks a time in my life… which could be quite sad really as I don’t have many new songs in my collection after Uni!  What have I been doing for the last 10 years?  Probably listening to my favourite songs only!  ;P

Oh well… never too late, as people say, so I’ve gone back to music listening again.  Some old songs, some new, some weird, some cool and some specifically for karaoke!  :)  A few things that have triggered this recent return to music are; much more karaoke-ing, running (which means I’m listening to my iPod), Ken producing music at home, friends bringing us to live gigs, etc.

So, where do I start?  First by cleaning up and updating my iTunes playlist with most of the music we have!  When we were back in London in January, I managed to pick-up the last two NOWs, which should bring us a little more updated!  Then… we’ll see.

Will let you know if I end up with new favourite songs!  But for today… I ♡ Eddi Reader with Fairground Attraction.

G’night! x


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