With a paw hanging off the edge

When I look at the cats sleep, totally abandoning the world behind, twitching in sweet delight, I feel jealous that they can achieve such  a relaxed state.  I would love to reincarnate into cats… but I have been told that I need to be ‘my’ cats.

Humans are creatures of emotion and they make everything better, whilst ruining everything with that same emotion.

Life is never simple being human.

Everything is our fault, and yet not our fault.  The sooner we come to accept that, the quicker we can get on with it.

There is no such thing as the perfect world.  No such thing as utopia.

Even if it is staring us right in the face, we would be too emotional, too human to see it.

But the God Emperor knew… as did his father, Muad’Dib.

We just did not believe them.


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