All bunged up

I am sitting in the plane now, on the way back to Tokyo, and I am all bunged up.  For those of you who are interested in illnesses and symptoms, I caught a viral infection (basic flu of some sort) and the following is my viral diary:

Monday – general aches, which I thought were muscle aches (d’oh)

Tuesday – started feeling nauseous from around 4am, threw up at around 8am, couldn’t stomach anything for the rest of the day, other than a bottle of Lucozade, a few spoons of yoghurt and half a cup of soup.  Managed to pop two paracetamols before going to sleep.

Wednesday – felt much better and started eating properly.  Meals + paracetamols = feels better.  Slight sore throat

Thursday – Slight sore throat and heavy chest – stopped taking paracetamols.  Went to see a doctor to make sure that I didn’t catch anything sinister!  He checked me out and confirmed that it is just a regular viral infection; so drink loads of fluids and rest!

Friday – Sore throat was gone but the cold was slowly creeping in.  By the end of the night, I started sniffling.

Saturday – Full-blown cold!  An airplane cabin is not the best place to be with a cold, I know.  Have tried sleeping as much as possible (about 3-4 hours), have had loads of hot drinks (3 coffees, 3 green teas) and water, and generally trying not to scare other passengers into thinking that I’m a lurgy carrier.

I really hope that this clears up by the end of Sunday so that I can at least head into the office without feeling like I’m going to pass this thing to all my colleagues.  Ah well… time will tell.  In the meantime, I shall perhaps go to the loo and blow my nose.


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