Happy New Year everyone!

I have been thinking of writing a blog entry for ages… but just never getting round to it.  02012010 seems to be a good day to do it.  :)

Sitting at home watching our two cats play fight whilst Ken is attempting to upload download photographs from his camera.  New Year was uneventful as I ended up having a massive migraine, so we went and got dinner from the local 24 hour supermarket and stayed in.  3/4 of a bottle of Coke and dinner and dessert later, oh yes… and two paracetamols, my migraine finally went away, but it was then nearly midnight.  We had a mini countdown in bed, just before conking out.  Anyway, it meant that 01012010 started fresh.  Bring it on!

People tend to talk about resolutions this time of the year, so here’s my two penny (or Yen, I should say!) worth.  In 2010, I will work my way to clarifying a career path, completing my Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2 and to enjoying life even more!  I have learnt in 2009 that I need to be more independent; doing more things by myself and for myself, so I will try to start doing that too.  As it has been said, “learning to be an adult is learning to living by yourself”.  I think it is all about learning to be selfish without affecting others.  Is that possible?  Well… let’s see!

So, no smart Alec quotes from me… just a short note to wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2010.  Let’s all make it a better year!

As they say here, “今年もよろしくおねがいします”.


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