Stress Smress

Clearly I had a good time back in Malaysia as I was way too distracted to update my blog.  Ho hum.  Food was good, loved catching up with my six nephews and niece… and will be planning a another trip home soonish to meet my second niece!

Anyway, since I have been back in Tokyo, I’ve been moving at full speed.  Work has been great – really busy and with just about enough time to get everything done.  However, the first Sunday of December is looming over me and stressing me out.  I have applied to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test when I am no where near proficient.

Funny thing is this really made me realise that even at my age, I am still stressing about exams!  I am in full control of the situation for goodness sake!  So anyway, I have decided… I shall do it even if it makes me feel stupid doing it.

That brings me to a question… how many times do you think a person should be allowed to fail an exam in a lifetime?  I remember the violin exam that I failed very well.  At that time, I was young, and I thought that it was cool to collect autographs from examiners.  Anyway, I went into the room, asked for his autograph and he rudely declined, saying something about not wanting to be seen to be bias.  Well, he pissed me off, so I decided there and then not to play well for him.  I did not think that he deserved to be my audience, so I failed my test.  I came out of the exam room and told my Mum that I failed.  She and my teacher laughed it off, but I kept insisting as I knew.  I believe that I failed by a few points.

Till today, I’m not sure what made me do it.  I didn’t think that I was such a “strong-headed” kid, but I guess I was.  I thought that was a cool story to tell.  :-)

Ah well… I best get along and finish off dinner.   Good night all!  xx


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