The journey called life

Well, in the last week, my life has taken another turn, and this time, a pretty big one, I think.  I have a new job!  Still working within the same organisation, but it is a new role nonetheless.  What do I do now?  Well, I am still giving administrative support to Financial Advisers, but now, in a more paraplanner-like position.  I am very excited about it as it gives me a better idea of what it takes to be a Financial Adviser, which is an idea that I am currently toying with.

Since starting the role on 1st October, and still being in hand-over period, the job has gotten more hectic, but waaaaay more interesting.  I’m really looking forward to learning the whole job soon, and finding my own way of doing things (in line with regulations, of course).

So what new things have I learnt?  Two acronyms have been bashed into my head so far… AML and KYC.  I’ll leave you to figure what they are, but let me warn you, if you don’t know it, don’t crack your head eh?  It’s not that exciting!  :-)

Anyway, I’m contemplating doing the CFA, but I think I’m going to have to give it a couple of months into this job first before signing up.  Two months into this job will hopefully give me enough exposure to decide on whether I will enjoy a career in this industry, or not.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, I think I will have to bite the bullet and quit my Science A Levels distance learning course, as I really don’t have any time to do the coursework.  Such is life eh?  A roller-coaster ride, but an interesting one.  I guess it is best to go with the flow than to try and swim against the current.

Wish me luck!  I shall keep you posted on how things go.



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