On being idle

Does it matter if one is bored at home or at work?  My first couple of weeks at work went pretty well, with a good stream of things to do… but things seem to have died down now.  I’m due to have a meeting with the boss tomorrow morning, so I’m sure this will be rectified… but I just thought that this question is an interesting one.  Is it more boring being bored at home, or being bored at work?  Perhaps being bored in a place where others are working is more annoying as it makes you feel like you’re even more idle (if that is actually possible), though sitting in a room facing four walls and doing nothing might be worse.  I guess I could keep having this monologue and it will not get anywhere.  What do you think?


Would people realise if I brought my knitting into work?  Haha….just joking.

Doing my assignments and Japanese homework keeps me from being too idle, but if truth be told, it does feel weird doing personal work at the office.  Ah ha!  Question number two – what are your thoughts about spending work time on personal stuff?

Ah… I think my writing is beginning to bore me.  I shall stop here and go back to being idle!


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