Early one Saturday morning

Having woken up at 8am today, we decided to get out in search of breakfast and headed off to the only place nearby that we knew was open at 8am on a Saturday morning, Jonathan’s.  I had a cheesy Western breakfast whilst Ken had a lovely Japanese breakfast.  It was quiet when we went there, but slowly got busier whilst we were eating.

We then headed to the Tokyu Store at Shirokanedai to get some groceries for tonight’s pot-luck party.  The theme is chicken… so we were cracking our heads trying to figure out what to make.  Finally decided on my favourite special sandwich recipe – chicken & mushroom mayonnaise sandwiches in a savoury French toast style.  This is my Mum’s special recipe… and I had only revived it recently after suddenly craving for it.  It was as yummy as I remember.  Looking forward to mass producing it this afternoon!

Anyway… Ken is asking me to stop writing as he has put on Lego Batman on the PS3.  How can you say no to that eh?  ;-P


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