Weather forecast via orthopteras

Before we proceed, I would like to first confess that before today, I had no idea what an Orthoptera is.

Whilst walking home earlier, I realised that the Cicadas seem to have stopped singing, or possibly, another kind of insect is drowning the Cicadas out.  If my memory serves me well, then this means that the hot weather is ending and that the cool weather will start soon.

So, with that thought, I googled “insects, seasons, Japan” and I found this website.  Insect Sound World.  To tell you the truth, I have not heard any of the sounds available on that website, but I am pretty sure that you will be able to sample what we hear on a daily basis.

Anyhow, one of the quirky features of Tokyo for me is the way the insects play a big part in the different seasons.  So, when I think about the season changes… I think of the following, in this order, starting from July:

summer (hot!) – rainy season – humid – Cicadas!!! – Crickets… or something similar – autumn – Japanese red maple leaves (this lasts for a long time) – Christmas decorations! – falling leaves – winter – very cold weather and horrid air-conditioner heating – Valentine’s decorations – budding trees and plants – White day decorations – Spring! – flowers and greenery – Sakura (two – three weeks only!) – lovely weather – longer days – warm days and cold nights – air-conditioners are back on again – getting woken up at 4am by the sun! – summer!

Oh happy days!


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