And the world shook beneath my feet

Today, I felt my second and bigger earthquake here in Tokyo.  It started with a gentle shake, and that was when my husband looked at me and asked if I felt it.  I nodded and the feeling continued.  The shaking started getting a little stronger and I remember feeling the ground moving sideways.  We were having dinner at that point, so we just sat staring at each other for a bit, then decided that we should perhaps take shelter under the table.

For us, the earthquake lasted a whole minute.  We knew it was a strong one, but we also knew that we weren’t near the epicentre.  We were watching our cats throughout the quake.  When it was at the strongest, the cats both sat up, with their ears perked up, extremely aware and sensitive to their surroundings.  Once they went back to playing, we knew that it was over.

We switched on the TV and saw that there were messages printed across the screen of all the places that felt the quake and what the JMA reading was.  I then searched on the internet and found this site (, which gives you the current information on earthquakes in Japan in English.   We also learnt that the JMA scale is different from the Richter scale.  It is only used in Japan and Taiwan, and the highest reading is in the 7s.

Today’s quake reading at the epicentre was at 6.9 on the JMA scale, and where we were, it was 3.  The epicentre was in the sea, so the highest land reading was 4.  Surprisingly, two Tokyo wards were listed in the 4 zone.

It is said that Japan experiences 20% of the world’s strongest earthquakes.  Well, Japan also has the longest human life expectancy on earth, so I guess you win some and lose some eh?

Good night.  I shall end with my quote for the day, from Sheldon @ Big Bang Theory.

“If cats could sing, they would hate it too.”


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