We are creatures of habit

Despite my previous post saying that change creates happiness for people, we are also creatures of habit.  As much as these two points go against each other, they inevitably exist in a juxtaposition.  We, as humans, require change to keep us going, but yet we crave habit for stability.

What do we do?

The saying “everything in moderation, even moderation” comes to mind.  We need enough change to keep us happy and excited, but yet, we need to have routines to assure ourselves that we are safe.

Today was my first day at work after more than a year of joblessness, or as some might say, self-employment.  As much as I was feeling very anxious yesterday, I am happy to say that today felt like a smooth first day.  It felt very much like riding a bicycle… it just comes back to you.  Although, that was a pretty ironic example as I can’t really ride a bike!  :-)

I have now officially taken a step down and a very wide step sideways in terms of my career.  Bye bye music industry, hello finance industry.  Bye bye project manager, hello administrator!  As much as the job description seems easier, I am happy to say that I think I will be learning loads and finally be able to put some of what I learnt in my MSc International Business to good use.  Perhaps it may be too early to tell yet… but so far so good!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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