Change creates happiness… or so it has been said

It has been 12 days since my last blog entry and lots have happened in that short period of time.

Firstly, we had a friend come visit and stay with us in Tokyo and that has been wonderful.  He reminded me of how much I miss all my good friends from the UK and Malaysia.  I don’t think I appreciated the fact that I have so many good friends before we moved away from them.  Such is humanity eh?  We never see what is important until it is taken away from us (though thankfully, only temporarily in this case).

Secondly, I nearly agreed to help put together the music for an English theatre production here in Tokyo.  I had a really good meeting with the Director, and part of me was really excited about the opportunity, but another part of me was holding back… and I now realise why (…intuition?).

Because a few days after that (thirdly), I was offered a job and will be starting full-time from Monday.  This is for a position that I interviewed for a month or so ago.  Circumstances changed and so they called and asked if I was still interested, and if so, could I start on Monday.

I have been in a state of flux since then, going through the following emotions: anxiety, excitement, contentment, nervousness, home-sickness, happiness, proudness, fear, etc.

My new job will be an administrative role in a financial planning company.  I am glad that the role is simple as starting work after a year of inactivity (work-wise) seems slightly daunting at times, though very exciting.  Also, I have always wanted to learn about the finance industry, which this role will definitely allow me to do so comfortably.  However, I also realise that all the things that I have been doing to keep myself busy in the past year will need to be given evening or weekend slots, or even shelved entirely.  I’m not sure how that is going to turn out, but I am optimistic that the solution will show itself soon or that it will just work itself out.

Such is life that it continuously throws changes at us.  It has been said that change creates happiness.  I guess it totally depends on how one sees the situation, so I shall be looking at my current situation through my 3D glasses of positivity.  And why not?  I have a wonderful husband, loving family, caring friends, beautiful home, stable and comfortable lifestyle and full health.

As what Odin would have said (in the photo below), if he could speak in English,

“Erm… and your point is???”


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